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Obesity is a condition in which the ratio of body weight and height exceeds the specified standards. Obesity is an increase in total body fat, that is, if you are found to be overweight> 20% in men and 25% in women because of fat. The intermittent fasting diet is a calorie restriction method that is widely used for health or weight loss reasons. Overall kidney function is based on nephron function and impaired function is caused by decreased nephron action. Several laboratory tests have been developed to evaluate kidney function and identify the disorder early on. This can help clinicians to take early prevention and management in order to prevent the progression of kidney disorders to kidney failure. Renal function tests are carried out by examining the levels of urea and cretinin.




obesity, intermittent fasting diet, examination of kidney function

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Ayudia, E. I., Harahap, H., & Irfannuddin, I. (2020). THE EFFECT OF INTERMITENT FASTING DIET ON KIDNEY FUNCTION. International Journal of Islamic Medicine, 1(2), 65-70.